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Red-Bridge School is known to be the renowned name in imparting the exceptional educational standards to the kids. If your kids are studying in the Red-bridge School then this article is going to be for you.

We in this article are going to discuss the term dates and the holiday schedule of the Red-bridge School, which is the significant part of the school lives for the students hence you are advised to go through the article with full diligence.

Red-Bridge School Holiday

Red-Bridge School Holiday

Holidays are the integral part of the school’s schedule they are bound to happen in the schooling sessions, hence it becomes very important for the students to be aware with the School holiday schedule, so that the students may know that when exactly the holiday is going to come across.

Keeping that aspect in mind we are here providing you with the Red-bridge School Holiday schedule below. You are advised to keep this schedule at a handy place so that you can access it easily and readily.

  • Autumn Season Holidays- 21 October to 29 October
  • Winter Holidays- 21 December TO 1 January
  • Spring Holidays- 10 February TO 18 February
  • Easter Holidays- 30 March TO 15 April
  • Summer Half Term Holidays- 26 May To 3 June
  • Summer Holidays- 21 July TO 3 September

Red-Bridge School Term Dates

Term Dates in a simple language can be defined as the sessions of the year in which the whole Schooling schedule of the Red-bridge or any other School can be divided. There are generally 4 seasonal terms dates, in which the schooling session is divided and these term dates are as following

  • Autumn
  • Winter
  • Spring
  • Summer

Terms dates are crucial for any school as the whole Schooling session is based on these term dates which include the starting session of the school, exams session, or the holiday session.

  • So, if you are looking for the Red-bridge School Term Dates then you have arrived at the correct article as here we are going to offer you the Red-bridge School Term Dates schedule.
  • Autumn Session Terms- Starts from 4th September ends on 20 October
  • Second Autumn Session Terms- Starts from 30 October ends on 20 December
  • Spring Session Terms- Starts from 2 January and ends on 29 March
  • Second Spring Terms- 19 February TO 29 March
  • Summer Term Session-  16 April TO 25 May
  • Second Summer Term- 4 June TO 20 July

Contact Information of the Red-Bridge School

We have tried our best to provide you with the relevant information of the Red-bridge School Term Dates and the holiday schedule. Yet we understand that you might be having some other queries as well. So, for that here we are providing you with the contact information of the Red-bridge School.

You can contact the Red-bridge School to make certain enquiries by calling at the following numbers.

Fees Related inquiry-02087084708
Advice and the options- 02087084002
Tax Inquiries-02087085670

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