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Richmond is one of the oldest schools in the country of England, which holds its root as old as 1361 or even older than that. This School is basically a merger of the three schools and is presently known as one of the most prominent schools in the country.

Richmond is a unisex school which offers the education up to the 12th grade both to the boys and girls across the country. Today in this article we are going to discuss the term dates, and the opening hours of the Richmond School to help you in knowing about the school schedule.

Richmond School Term Dates

Term dates of the Richmond School simply imply the schooling session across the different seasons of the year. Generally, the schooling session of any school is divided into several seasons of the year, and during these seasons the timing of the school also gets changed in accordance to the weather.

For example, the timing of the Richmond School might be different in the summer season than it is in the winter season. Other than this the term dates of the school also help to set the examination session or the test exams session for the school, and further, the holiday is also allocated to the school as per the term dates.

So, here below we are providing you with the termination date of the Richmond School which will help you to know the full schedule of the school through the various term dates.

Autumn is the first term of the Richmond School session so we are going to start the term dates from the season of the autumn.

  • First Term of the Autumn- Starts from 4th September and last up to the 20 October
  • Autumn holiday for the half term- 23 October to 27 October
  • Second Term of the Autumn- Starts from 30 October and lasts up to 21 December
  • Holidays for the Winter- Starts from 22 December and last up to 2 January
  • First Term of the Spring- Starts from 3 January and lasts up to 16 February
  • Second Term of the Spring- Starts from 19 February and lasts up to 29 March
  • Holidays of the Easter- Starts from 30 March and lasts up to 13 April
  • First Term of the Summer- Starts from the 16 April and last up to the 25 May
  • Second Term of the Summer- 4 June and lasts up to 20 June
  • Summer Holidays- Starts from 23 July and lasts up to 31 August

Opening Hours of the Richmond School

Opening hours of the Richmond School are the timing of the School when it starts its study session and stops the study session later in the day. Here we are providing you with the Richmond School Opening hour schedule. The schedule of the Richmond School can basically be divided into three sessions below

  • First Session- Starts from the 9:00 AM TO 10:30 AM
  • Second Session- 10:50 AM TO 12:30 PM
  • Third Session- Starts from 1:30 PM TO 3:00 PM

You can read the opening hour schedule of the Richmond School above and you are advised to drop and pick your kids at the above-mentioned timings.

The students of the School are allowed to enter into the school at 8:30 AM, which is the time of prayer and by the time of 9 AM the study session of the school gets started.

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