UNO Chicago Grill Restaurant Holiday Hours & Location Near Me

UNO Pizzeria & Grill which is otherwise popularly known as the UNO Chicago Grill Restaurant is a famous restaurant chain under the UNO Restaurant holding parent company.

It is located in the Chicago city of Illinois and from there the UNO Chicago and Grill Restaurant is now having the restaurant expansion across the 21 States of the United States. You can enjoy your favourite fast food and other kinds of food categories at this Restaurant at the various locations of its stores.

In this article, we are basically going to discuss the opening and the closing hour schedule of the restaurant which will help you to visit the restaurant’s chain at the correct working hours timing.

Is UNO Chicago Grill Restaurant Open On Sunday

Yes, definitely you can visit this Grill restaurant on Sunday during the working hour timing of the restaurant.

You can check the Sunday working hour timing of this Grill Restaurant in the later sections of the article.

Does UNO Chicago Grill Restaurant Open On Saturday

Yes, the UNO Chicago Grill Restaurant opens on Saturday just like the other working day and the Saturday working timing of the restaurant can be seen below in the article.

UNO Chicago Grill Restaurant Open Today

Yes, the UNO Chicago Grill Restaurant is open today if it is not the holiday hour day of the restaurant such as the day of Christmas.

What Time Does UNO Chicago Grill Restaurant Close on Sunday

The Sunday working hours timing of the UNO Chicago Grill Restaurant is from 11:00 AM TO 11:00 PM

UNO Chicago Grill Restaurant Working Hours

The working hours of the UNO Chicago Grill Restaurant are their day to day working time during which the stores remain in the of food selling services.

We urge all the customers of this Restaurant to be aware with the working hour schedule in order to visit the restaurants at the correct working timing.

  • MONDAY-                          11:00AM TO 10:00PM
  • TUESDAY-                         11:00AM TO 10:00PM
  • WEDNESDAY-                     11:00AM T0 10:00PM
  • THURSDAY-                       11:00AM TO 10:00PM
  • FRIDAY-                            11:00AM TO  10:00PM
  • SATURDAY-                        11:00AM TO 11:00PM
  • SUNDAY-                          11:00AM TO 11:00PM

This is the working hour schedule of the UNO Chicago Grill Restaurant and you are advised to visit the restaurant chains only between this working hour timing.

Further, the restaurant may operate on the reduced working hour basis during the weekends, which you need to confirm from the nearby this Restaurant outlet.

Is UNO Chicago Grill Restaurant Open On Christmas Day

No, Christmas is the holiday hours of the UNO Chicago Grill Restaurant hence the restaurant services on this day are remain shut.

Does UNO Chicago Grill Restaurant Open on These Holidays

As we know that the UNO Chicago Grill Restaurant is a food centre which offers its restaurant services in the public domain hence the restaurant remains open through the majority of the holidays as are celebrated in the United States.

Here below we are offering you the list of those holidays when you can freely visit the Chicago Grill Restaurant.

New Year’s Day

Martin Luther King Jr


Easter Sunday

Easter Monday


Mother’s Day

Father’s Day

Labor Day

Columbus Day

Independence Day

President’s Day

Good Friday

Black Friday

Mardi Grass Fat Tuesday

Memorial Day

Valentine’s Day

Patrick’s Day

Thanksgiving Day

Veteran’s Day

Christmas Eve

New Year’s Eve

This is the holiday hour schedule of the United States but as we have mentioned above the UNO Chicago restaurant remains open during these holidays, hence you can freely visit the restaurant during these holidays and can enjoy your favourite food.

Here we would like to bring in your notice that this restaurant celebrates the day of Christmas as its holiday hour, hence you are advised to not to visit the restaurant on the day of Christmas.

UNO Chicago Grill Restaurant Location Near Me

As we have already mentioned earlier in the article that the UNO Chicago Grill Restaurant has expanded its chains across more than 21 States of the United States, hence you should be aware with the nearby restaurant chain of the Chicago Grill Restaurant.

In order to find out the nearby chain of the Restaurant, you can either visit the official website of this Restaurant or you can use the Google map services. Google map can assist you to navigate towards this Restaurant chains nearby your location.

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