?Victoria’s Secret Clothing Stores Holiday Hours & Location Near Me?

Victoria Secret is the most popular name in the Women’s Lingerie and the beauty products. It is the name which is known across the worldwide the Apparel industry.
Victoria’s Secret store was basically founded long back in the California state of the United States in the year 1977. In the present scenario, it is the largest retail store brand in the Women’s Lingerie range.

So, if you are planning to shop from Victoria’s Secret store and hence are seeking for the opening, and the closing hour schedule of Victoria’s secret, then you are at the correct place since here we are going to assist you with the same.

Is Victoria’s Secret Store Open on Sunday

Yes, Victoria’s Secret store is open on Sunday, however, on a Sunday the store remains open for the least amount of time than its usual working hours timings.

Does Victoria’s Secret Store Open On Saturday

Yes, the Victoria’s Secret Store opens on Saturday on the usual working hour timings which you can check below.

Victoria’s Secret Stores Open Today

Yes, the Victoria’s Secret Stores are open today unless it is a holiday hour day for the stores. You can check the working hours and the holiday hours of Victoria’s secret in the below section of the article.

What time Does Victoria’s Secret Store Close On Sunday

The Sunday closing timing of the Victoria’s Secret is from 12:00 PM TO 6:00 PM and you are supposed to visit the store only during this timing.

Victoria’s Secret Opening Hours

Victoria’s Secret Opening hour is the daily working schedule of the stores when they remain in selling services. It is important to be aware of Victoria’s Secret working hours so that you can visit the store at the right timing.

Below we are providing you with the working hours timing of Victoria’s Secret stores.

  • MONDAY-                        10:00 AM TO 9:00 PM
  • TUESDAY-                       10:00 AM TO 9:00 PM
  • WEDNESDAY-                   10:00 AM TO9:00 PM
  • THURSDAY-                     10:00 AM TO 9:00 PM
  • FRIDAY-                          10:00 AM  TO 9:00PM
  • SATURDAY-                      10:00 AM TO 9:00 PM
  • SUNDAY-                         12:00 PM TO 6:00 PM

This is the working hours timing or the schedule of Victoria’s secret stores when you are supposed to visit their store’s locations.

Does Victoria’s Secret Store Open on These Holidays

Victoria’s Secret Store remains open for the majority of the holidays as the general public goes for the shopping during the majority of the holidays.

Here we are showing you the list of holidays during which Victoria’s Secret stores are available in the service.

Martin Luther King Jr

President’s Day

Black Friday

Good Friday

Mother’s Day

Father’s Day

Memorial Day

Mardi Gras Tuesday

CINCO de mayo

Tax Day

Columbus Day

Thanksgiving Day

Christmas Day

New Year’s Eve

This is the complete list of holidays during which Victoria’s secret majority of the stores are available in the services, yet you are advised to check the holiday hours timing with your nearest store location of Victoria’s secret.

Furthermore New Year’s Day, Independence Day, Easter, and the veteran’s day these are the few holidays when Victoria’s secret store remains out of the services.

Is Victoria’s Secret Store Open on Christmas Day

Yes, Victoria’s secret store remains open on the Christmas day, and you can go shopping on the Christmas day at any store of Victoria’s Secret.

Victoria’s Secret Stores Locations Near Me

As we know that Victoria’s Secret is having more than 1018 stores across the various countries, and there are chances that you can find out one of Victoria’s secret store location near you.

You can go to the official website of Victoria’s secret and there you can check the store’s locations available in your country.

The other way of finding out Victoria’s secret store location is via Google map where you just need to type in the search bar as Victoria’s secret store locations, and it will show you the nearby locations of the Victoria’s secret that you can easily reach by following the Google map.

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